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Disney Kids Readers Level 4 Pack

Product code: 9781292433820
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Item description

Discover the magic of stories.

Disney Kids Readers (DKR) for Young Learners is designed to make your child learn English better.
They can dive into adventures with their favourite Disney characters, and enjoy the interactive features at the end of each story when they share “reading time” with you!

The 36 DKR volumes use beautiful artwork from animated and live Disney and PIXAR films, helping students expand their reading skills in an engaging and motivating way. There is also an audiobook feature that can help your child learn how to pronounce English words correctly!

Learning to read and speak in English has never been so much fun!

All Disney Kids Readers are aligned to the Global Scale of English and Common European Framework (CEFR).

Level 4
CEFR: A1-A2+, GSE: 27-35
Pages: 32
Headwords: 800
Narrative wordcount: 1,100-1,250
Words per page: 40-60
Extra words: +15

Disney The Lion King – Simba’s father, Mufasa, was king of the Pride Lands. “One day, you are going to be king of all this,” he tells Simba. But Simba’s uncle, Scar, thinks differently. Can Simba learn Scar’s true plan? Who is the true Lion King?

Disney PIXAR Toy Story 3 – Andy is going to college and his toys are afraid! Their new home is very different – the children don’t know how to play with toys, and some of the new toys are not friendly… Can Woody help them find a better home? Can they, like Andy, have a happy, new life?

Disney PIXAR Brave – Princess Merida doesn’t want to be a ‘good’ princess and she doesn’t want to listen to her mother. But things change when she asks a witch to put a spell on her mother. Can Merida learn to listen? Can she mend what she broke?

Disney PIXAR Inside Out – Riley’s emotions—Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness—live in Riley’s mind. They all want to help Riley, but they have different ideas. When Riley and her family move to San Francisco, big changes mean big emotions. Can Riley’s emotions learn to work together?

Disney Moana – As a little girl, Moana loved her grandmother’s stories about her island’s past. Years later, the island is in trouble and Gramma tells Moana she must sail to Te Fiti to save it… But what can Moana do when her father tells her she cannot leave?

Disney PIXAR The Incredibles 2 – Supers are illegal and Mr Incredible and Elastigirl don’t have jobs. Then Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn call with an exciting job for Elastigirl. Elastigirl works hard in the city and Bob works hard at home… But can they work together to save the day?

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