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Disney Kids Readers Level 5 Pack

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Item description

Discover the magic of stories.

Disney Kids Readers (DKR) for Young Learners is designed to make your child learn English better.
They can dive into adventures with their favourite Disney characters, and enjoy the interactive features at the end of each story when they share “reading time” with you!

The 36 DKR volumes use beautiful artwork from animated and live Disney and PIXAR films, helping students expand their reading skills in an engaging and motivating way. There is also an audiobook feature that can help your child learn how to pronounce English words correctly!

Learning to read and speak in English has never been so much fun!

All Disney Kids Readers are aligned to the Global Scale of English and Common European Framework (CEFR).

Level 5
CEFR: A2-A2+, GSE: 30-40
Pages: 40
Headwords: 1,000
Narrative wordcount: 2,100-2,300
Words per page: 60-80
Extra words: +20

Disney PIXAR Ratatouille – In a world where people hate rats, it’s not easy to be one! Remy isn’t like other rats. He loves to cook! In Paris, Remy helps his friend Linguini cook delicious meals. Rats are not welcome in the kitchen, but good food is good food … does it matter who makes it?

Disney PIXAR WALL-E – WALL-E the robot is the only thing that lives on Earth. When he meets EVE, another robot, his life changes. Now he has a friend. WALL-E gives EVE a green thing that he found. Can there be life on Earth? What will WALL-E and EVE have to do to find out?

Disney Big Hero 6 – Hiro lives in San Fransokyo. He makes cool robots and takes them to fight for money. The fights are dangerous, but Hiro’s brother Tadashi helps him stay safe … until he can’t. Baymax is a nurse robot and he can help Hiro, but Hiro wants to make him fight. Can Baymax help Hiro use technology for good?

Disney PIXAR Toy Story 4 – Woody used to be Andy’s favourite toy, but he’s Bonnie’s toy now. Her favourite toy is Forky. Woody wants Bonnie to be happy, so when he Forky runs away, Woody tries to bring him back. Can Woody get back to Bonnie and his friends? Will he want to? Or will he choose a different life?

Disney Alice in Wonderland – Alice often dreams of a place called Underland, which is full of strange people and creatures. When she is nineteen, she falls down a rabbit hole, opens a door into Underland, and meets the people from her dream. They are in danger and they need Alice to do something for them… But is she the right person to help?

Disney Beauty and the Beast – Once there was a prince who lived in a beautiful castle. He was rich and handsome, but he was not kind. An enchantress changed him into a beast. To break the spell, he must learn to love and to be loved. One day, Belle, a smart, brave young woman, comes to the castle. Can she break the spell? Can she love the Beast?

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