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Disney Kids Readers Level 6 Pack

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Item description

Discover the magic of stories.

Disney Kids Readers (DKR) for Young Learners is designed to make your child learn English better.
They can dive into adventures with their favourite Disney characters, and enjoy the interactive features at the end of each story when they share “reading time” with you!

The 36 DKR volumes use beautiful artwork from animated and live Disney and PIXAR films, helping students expand their reading skills in an engaging and motivating way. There is also an audiobook feature that can help your child learn how to pronounce English words correctly!

Learning to read and speak in English has never been so much fun!

All Disney Kids Readers are aligned to the Global Scale of English and Common European Framework (CEFR).

Level 6
CEFR: A2+-B1, GSE: 36-48
Pages: 48
Headwords: 1,200
Narrative wordcount: 3,200-3,800
Words per page: 80-100
Extra words: +20

Disney Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Thousands of years ago, the Empire of Atlantis was a wonderful place. Then it disappeared. Milo Thatch studied Atlantis and the language of its people, and when he receives a book in Atlantian, it takes him on a journey he’ll never forget. But can the book help Milo save Atlantis?

Disney PIXAR UP – When Carl was a boy, he wanted to be an explorer. He and his wife Ellie always dreamed of a place called Paradise Falls. After Ellie dies, Carl promises to follow her dream. But can he make it to Paradise Falls? He’s an old man now and he’s all alone … or is he?

Disney Ralph Breaks the Internet – Ralph and his best friend Vanellope live in Mr. Litwak’s Arcade, where they play games every day. When Wi-Fi comes along and connects the Arcade to the Internet, Ralph has an idea, which takes the friends on a dangerous adventure. They meet new characters and discover a new world. But can Ralph and Vanellope stay connected?

Disney Zootopia – Judy Hopps is the smallest animal at Zootopia Police Academy, but she has big dreams. She wants to be the bravest, best police officer in the city! Judy believes that in Zootopia anyone can be anything they like. But there are many animals who believe that rabbits can’t be police officers. Can Judy change their minds?

Disney Maleficent – A young fairy, Maleficent, lived in the Moors—a magical land of Fairy Folk, which was alive with wonderful creatures. The human land was their great enemy. King Henry wanted to own the Moors and he was ready to fight for it. One day, someone will bring peace to the two lands. But who will it be?

Disney PIXAR Onward – Ian Lightfoot is shy and very careful—his life is not exciting! But a surprise sixteenth birthday present takes him, and his big brother Barley, on a magical adventure. Will discovering the magic of the past make Ian more confident? Will it help him to see the magic in his own life?

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